Our Team

Maria V. Primushko

Estate Planning Attorney

Since secondary school, Maria knew she was destined to become an attorney. Her righteous personality, coupled with her conviction to protect others inspired her interest in law. As founder of MVP Law Group in Encino, Maria focuses on assisting families with Estate Planning, legacy preservation, Personal Injury, and Bankruptcy protection.


Maria began her legal career at the district attorney’s office in St. Petersburg, Russia. After graduating from St. Petersburg State University with a bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence, she moved to the U.S. Shortly thereafter she obtained her Juris Doctor’s law degree from the University of West Los Angeles. Despite having to navigate the complexities of living in a new country while caring for a newborn baby, Maria passed the California Bar Exam, one of the most challenging in America, on her first attempt. She went on to work at CT Corporation in Los Angeles, where she learned the fundamentals of business-entity formation, management, and procedures. After obtaining her license, Maria worked at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office and volunteered at public counsel before establishing her legal practice.


Maria creates customized Estate plans, Trusts, and Wills for her clients, many from Calabasas and the Valley, and helps families manage their affairs without interference from government or other external entities.


Nevertheless, the stereotypical ‘attorney temperament’ does not define Maria. Instead, she has an unapologetic fervor for safeguarding the most vulnerable members of our community, particularly the elderly, children, and adults with special needs, who are often susceptible to neglect and financial abuse.


Maria openly laments the impassive and reactive attitude that society has towards Estate Planning and legacy preservation. As a seasoned speaker on this discipline of law and as respected member of WLALA (Women Lawyer Association of Los Angeles), NAELA (National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys), and Wealth Counsel, Maria believes that procrastination stems from both ignorance and avoidance to address a seemingly uncomfortable and overwhelming issue. Hence, Maria’s mantra “Learn, learn, and learn some more.” Her personal quest is to educate people about the negative impacts of not having an estate plan or renewing an outdated Will or Trust, often presenting real-life examples to emphasize her message.


As a devoted wife and proud mother of three, Maria celebrates her life by spending quality time with her family and riding horses in her spare time. When asked what she does for a living, her typical response is ‘providing peace of mind’.

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Stephanie Melendez

Case Manager

Stephanie Melendez, fondly known to her friends, colleagues and clients as ‘Pebbles’ is one of MVP’s senior Personal Injury Case Supervisors. Her name is also indicative of her output in our clients’ personal injury cases as she is both strong, grounded and dependable. Pebbles graduated from California State University Dominguez Hills in 2012 with a BA in Mass Communication and Marketing. As a result, she went onto becoming a social media consultant, however it was in the field of Law that she found her true calling.


Pebbles has over 7 years of experience in Personal Injury law and is very meticulous with our cases from the time that she interviews our clients. Pebbles ascertains the extent of our clients’ injuries and potential claims from the medical records and bills acquired. She is particularly helpful with our Hispanic community as she is fluent in both Spanish and English and often serves as an interpreter between the clients and the attorney. Pebbles enjoys spending quality time and outings with her two children.

Irina Elkin

Personal Injury Director

Irina Elkin studied finance and accounting at UCLA before moving into the world of personal injury law. As our Director of Personal Injury, Irina oversees each case from intake to closing.

Irina points out that the most important matter in a client’s personal injury case is that they get started on their treatment immediately as their health is a priority. While our personal injury clients are undergoing treatment, Irina’s team of experts collate all the documentation including medical records and billing along with police reports, licenses and any other documentation pertinent to the case to ensure that a strong claim is presented to the defendant’s insurance.


Irina manages each case diligently to ensure that a robust and fair payment is made to our clients for their medical expenses, auto repairs and long-term pain and suffering. Irina is results driven and her decades of experience and millions of dollars recovered in personal injury claims is testimony of this. She has a lively and outgoing personality and she connects well with both our clients and colleagues alike. In her spare time, Irina enjoys travelling and gardening.